Skating Gear

Gymnastics Apparel


We carry a large selection of quality figure and recreational skates. Whether you’re starting out in Canskate, skating on the weekends, or at a competitive level, our professional staff can help you choose the correct skate to suit your needs.

We also offer professional skate sharpening and skate repairs including hook replacement and blade mounting. We offer free expert fitting as well a complimentary first sharpening.

Skating Apparel

With over 100 different models of dresses in stock we have something to suit just about everyone’s style; sparkly, simple or elegant.

We carry Canadian skating apparel brands Jerry’s, Mondor Fashions and Elite Xpressions and have a large variety of practice wear, jackets, thermal leggings and pants.

We have a deep selection of Mondor Fashions tights in footed, footless, boot cover and stirrup styles, with or with out rhinestones and in a variety of fabrics including the increasingly popular bamboo.

Skating Accessories

We can outfit you with other skating items including skate bags, bags on wheels, garment bags, skate guards, puffies, blade chamois, laces, skate cleaner, legwarmers, gloves, tights, headbands, spinners and skating themed jewelry.

Gymnastic Apparel

Gymnastics apparel is one of the newest items we carry at Koops.

We carry a selection of over 50 different gymnastic leotards, leggings, shorts and tops all by Canadian company, Mondor Fashions. Our leotards come in a great variety of styles, colours and fabrics.